Where do I start with Business Systemisation?

Systemising a business can seem like a daunting task, however the fact that you are considering it shows that you are willing to make a start and that you are identifying that your current processes are not achieving what you want them to achieve or enabling your business to really scale.  Below are my thoughts on the key considerations when starting to systemise a business:

Identify what it is you want to achieve from systemising.

Firstly, you need to consider what it is you want to achieve out of business systemisation. Is it the need to solve a problem in delivering a product or service? Or is it to save time and money and become more efficient? Whatever it is you want to achieve it needs to be specific and measurable.

What is causing the issues in the current process?

In my systemisation guide, download you free copy here, I have provided some tools that include ‘fishbone diagrams’, ‘the five whys’ and ‘start, stop and continue’ analysis, which are simple techniques to identify the root cause of issues within the processes.

Creating your new & improved system.

In my systemisation guide there are tools and techniques to help you to create your processes and it really isn’t as scary as you think!

Sometimes, creating a paper system based on your new processes can be a great place to start to see if the process works. This helps to visualise the process and to actually see the work flow around your office. Ideally, there should be as few handovers between teams as possible as that’s often where problems start (communication, rework and queuing leading to poor customer service).

Choosing the right IT applications .

When you are absolutely clear about the processes then the IT application can be selected based on which one(s) best support the business process.. Ideally, the least number of IT applications should be used where possible. Those selected must be able to store the data that you need to make the processes work and the IT application should not mean that you need to change your processes to use it.

What should I consider when implementing a new IT application?

Today, there are some minimum requirements for IT applications that you should consider:

  • The application should be web based
  • The application should allow a business user to
    customise it simply
  • The ability to talk to other IT applications is
    becoming essential (e.g. via Zapier or IFTTT)
  • The application should have a mobile application

Most application providers have free training materials to get you started with configuring the IT. When rolling out any IT it’s always best to start small. My top tip is to train a couple of people in your team and to pick a few trial cases to run through the new processes and IT applications to make sure everything works as planned.

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