What is Business Systemisation?

Business systemisation is a term that is used primarily by small to medium sized businesses. It can sometimes be seen as merely the use of IT to improve the way the business operates; however, it is much more than that…

Work Focused

Systemisation is primarily about the work that a business does  or is planning to do. This can be split into the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

  • The What – In order to understand the what, high level processes are put into the order of workflow with inputs and outputs. This enables an end to end understanding of the business, helping to structure the next steps of a systemisation project. This also helps to simplify working on the detail as each process has a clear start and finish and it is understood where it fits within the bigger picture of the business.
  • The How – This is where everything is documented, whether that be written down, images or even video. This is where the use of IT is understood and enables staff to be trained, meaning scaling teams becomes far less challenging.

People & Cultural Focused Business Systemisation

Systemisation is about engaging and empowering the people within your business to work on and improve the processes. This, coupled with an understanding of the business processes, gives strategic direction towards the business aims and will become a competitive advantage.  Put simply, systemising a business is all about working with the people within your organisation to make the business work better.

IT & Applications – Are They the Answer to Systemising a Business?

Inevitably businesses need IT. Business systemisation ensures you are using the correct IT based on an understanding of the business processes. Business systemisation should never be application led as this can lead to confusion and the incorrect system being used, wasting valuable time and money.

Systemisation is not just about IT. It is about the work (the process), the flow of the work, engaging your team, the business culture and IT applications. The work and people centric approach to systemisation leads to massive improvements and scalable businesses.

If you would like to find out more about systemising your business, please contact me on james@time-scale.co.uk

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