Three Reasons to Systemise a Business


Systemising your business can mean different things for different businesses.  The size, industry and future plans of your organisation all play a role in why the drivers for systemisation will be different for your business. However, here are my top three reasons why I believe businesses should take a more systemised approach:


  1. To free up time to drive the business forward

Having a systemised business means precious time is not wasted on low value activities that could be delegated or automated meaning, as a business owner, you can focus on driving the business forward.


  1. To prepare to scale

The processes and systems that were put in place when your business first started may no longer be suitable to support the growth of your business. Many business owners realise the need to work on their business processes and systems in order to create solid foundations for growth.


  1. To prepare to franchise or sell

What is a business and what is actually valued and sold? Business sales are based on some or all of the following:

  1. The value of the businesses brand
  2. The businesses track record
  3. The businesses existing clients and future pipeline
  4. The businesses intellectual property (IP) and skills within the business

Having a well systemised business is a key factor considered when valuing and selling a business and is normally considered as IP. Systems can be a clear differentiator in many markets and add value to a business. A clear system of operations enables the entrepreneur to exit the business at a far earlier stage following the sale. If a business is planning to create a franchise then a clear, proven and well documented set of processes and systems is vital. Franchisees are buying into the system and the way things are done by the franchise, so systemisation is of upmost importance.


The reasons to systemise a business vary greatly, however, they do fit into some broad categories as outlined above. It’s also important to establish the reason for systemising a business and the goals and objectives of the systemisation work up front as this influences the priorities of the systemisation project.

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