Three Tips to Help Systemise a Business

Systemising a business can be overwhelming to begin with but it doesn’t need to be.  I have outline three of my top tips below that will get you started on your business systemisation journey:   1. Start with the work, NOT the IT IT is not the place to start when it comes to systemisation, it plays a part, but […]

Three Reasons to Systemise a Business

Systemising your business can mean different things for different businesses.  The size, industry and future plans of your organisation all play a role in why the drivers for systemisation will be different for your business. However, here are my top three reasons why I believe businesses should take a more systemised approach:   To free up time to drive the […]

What are the benefits of having a systemised business?

There are many benefits to systemising a business and often they will be specific to each business depending upon the driver for undertaking the systemisation work. For example, systemisation may be undertaken to build the foundation for scaling or franchising a business or it may be undertaken to improve certain areas of a business where challenges are being experienced. Here […]

What is Business Systemisation?

Business systemisation is a term that is used primarily by small to medium sized businesses. It can sometimes be seen as merely the use of IT to improve the way the business operates; however, it is much more than that… Work Focused Systemisation is primarily about the work that a business does  or is planning to do. This can be […]

Where do I start with Business Systemisation?

Systemising a business can seem like a daunting task, however the fact that you are considering it shows that you are willing to make a start and that you are identifying that your current processes are not achieving what you want them to achieve or enabling your business to really scale.  Below are my thoughts on the key considerations when […]

Are Applications the answer to Business Systemisation?

One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is what the best IT application is to do a particular task or to solve a particular problem. My answer is always the same, forget the IT application, at least initially.  Instead, think about the customer, what you are trying to achieve, the problem that you are trying to solve and the […]

Why Systemise a Business?

In this blog item, we’ll cover the main reasons why systemising a business is important and what we actually mean when we use the term ‘systemise’. Future blog items will cover what an effectively systemised business looks like and how to go about systemising and implementing our ideas in your business. Firstly, it’s important to define what we mean when […]