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Discover How to Get Your Time Back and Scale Your Business!

Do you want to scale your business and achieve more by doing less? Do you find yourself doing day to day activities in your business that does not drive it forward and generate profit? Are you spending time doing work that someone else could do for you and stressing out that the important work doesn’t get done? Are you working such long hours that you sacrifice quality time with your family? If so, you are like the vast majority of entrepreneurs that start their own business with the dream of having more time to do the things they love without having to answer to ‘the boss’, but the reality is long hours, stress, too much to do and you become the business.

At Time-Scale, we help busy entrepreneurs to free themselves from working in their business so that they can work on their business to massively improve their results. We coach business owners to introduce systems into their businesses that set the business on auto-pilot so that they can focus on growing the business.

All entrepreneurs and businesses will experience incredible results. By having a business on auto-pilot business owners will save an incredible amount of time and that means:

  • Amazing business growth as you can focus on revenue generating activities
  • Head space to focus on creativity and the setting the direction of your business
  • Time to grow your network and profile to generate more business

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By putting your business on auto-pilot you will:

  • Create an incredible customer experience through repeatable processes built around the customer
  • Be able to scale your business without the typical growing pains that most businesses go through
  • Achieve more with less resources and therefore generate more profit
  • Massively increase the saleability and value of your business
  • Be able to remove yourself from your business and still have it operate seamlessly


From the very outset, it was abundantly clear the James is extremely knowledgeable not only in the technical and systems side of things, but has as a key understanding of the needs of the SME - Paul Collyer - Sell My Property Portfolio

We now have the entire lead management side of our business fully automated with just a few touch points for me. It really is another step! - Paul Collyer - Sell My Property Portfolio

“Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst.” – William Penn

Systematisation Packages


  • One day per week hands on 1-1 support
  • Team workshops
  • Process creation and documentation
  • IT system set up and support
  • Team training and go live support
  • Full end to end systemisation project management
  • Businesses targeting rapid growth
  • Delivery of complex end to end business processes
  • Multiple IT system implementation
  • Integration of multiple IT systems (making the systems talk to each other)


  • Two one hour coaching calls per month
  • One day per month hands on 1-1 support
  • Process creation and documentation
  • Coaching support to set up IT systems
  • Businesses growing from one or two people to larger teams or outsourcing
  • Outsourcing of several interrelated processes
  • Implementation of several IT systems that are not integrated

Start right

  • One hour coaching call per month
  • Kick off coaching call to set objectives and to create a plan
  • Two process and IT system reviews
  • Start ups wanting to leverage their time through outsourcing
  • Simple processes
  • IT applications that aren’t integrated

Other Systematisation Serivces


A Business Systemisation Health Check for Free!

This incredible free package includes:

  • A systemisation assessment to understand your currently level of business systemisation
  • A ‘How to Systemise Your Business’ guide
  • An half hour systemisation call to review your assessment to help create your systemisation action plan and to answer any questions you have about business systemisation
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Systemisation Projects

  • Our expert systemisation coaches will work directly with you and your team deliver amazing results
  • We will work with you to define the aims and objectives of setting your business on auto-pilot, to create a plan to deliver a systemised business and to deliver with you the processes and systems that are the basis of scaling an automated businesss
  • The projects typically involve workshops with you and your team, working sessions to create the system, hands on set up of the IT, trialling the system and supporting your teams to use the systems so you realise the benefit of having a systemised business
  • Each project will be unique, so call now for an initial conversation about how we can work together
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